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The History of My Sexuality

Translator-in-Residence, 2019 Crossing Border Festival

In 2019 I was invited to take part in The Chronicles, the joint writer-translator residency program at the Crossing Border Festival in The Hague. I was paired with Dutch poet and author Simone Atangana Bekono. During each day of the festival she generated a new piece of writing which I had to translate that same afternoon. On the final evening of the festival, this culminated in a live event where we discussed our collaboration alongside the four other writer-translator pairs. The work Simone produced as part of the festival is archived here (in Dutch, and in my English translations).

Juror, 2019 and 2018 GINT Translation Prize

Sponsored by the German Publishers and Booksellers Association and the Frankfurt Book Fair New York, the Geisteswissenschaften International Non-Fiction Translation Prize aims to draw the attention of publishers and English-language scholars to outstanding translation from German to English in the humanities.

Winner, 2017 GINT Translation Prize

‘In awarding the top honors to Emma Rault, the jurors found much to praise in her translation…[which] displayed an excellent understanding of the subject matter and command of the terminology in this area of scholarship, as well as a fine use of language that conveyed the text’s complexity in a reader-friendly style.’
– Jury’s Statement for the 2017 Geisteswissenschaften International Nonfiction Translators Prize

FORTHCOMING: 2 poems by Tom Van de Voorde

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2 poems by Tom Van de Voorde

Around Four Weeks

2 poems by Asha Karami

‘The City Where I Was Born Is Vast’ and ‘Sprite Is Weak Coca Cola’

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