Arts & Culture Translation

Since 2013, I have worked as a full-time freelance translator from German and Dutch into English, specializing in academic and arts & culture translation. I have translated textbooks, course readers, essays and lectures on a wide range of topics in the humanities, including urban planning, political science, education, media studies, art theory and ancient history. In 2017, I was awarded the GINT Translation Prize for translation from German into English.

I regularly translate website copy, press releases, brochures, programs and exhibition panels for museums, arts organizations, festivals, tourist organizations, charities and NGOs. I also have extensive experience doing translations for a wide range of commercial clients, from financial service providers to eyewear multinationals, and from fashion & lifestyle brands to tech companies.

A selection of my recent projects can be found below. My rates vary depending on the volume, the complexity of the text and the time frame for delivery. Please reach out if you’d like to discuss a translation project.


Jeroen van der Eijnde (ed.), Designing for Precarious Citizens

ArtEZ Press, 2020

Architect Johan Niegeman was one of the few Dutch teachers at the famous Bauhaus art school. He and Mart Stam designed and built several social housing projects in the Soviet Union. Niegeman’s aim was to improve the quality of housing for the masses, those living in poor conditions. Designing for Precarious Citizens showcases several projects in which designers and product-design students at ArtEZ University of the Arts applied Niegeman’s ideas to today’s society. Who are today’s precarious citizens and how can design be of service to them?

Peter Sonderen (ed.), The Entanglement of Theory and Practice in the Arts

ArtEZ Press, 2019 (co-translator)

What do we mean by theory in the arts, and what role does it play? Edited by Peter Sonderen, chair of the Theory in the Arts research group at ArtEZ University of the Arts, this publication explores theory in the arts and investigates its role, its possibilities, its meaning and its importance.

Virginie Mamadouh and Anne van Wageningen (eds.), Urban Europe: Fifty Tales of the City

Amsterdam University Press, 2016 (co-translator)

In Urban Europe, urban researchers and practitioners based in Amsterdam tell the story of the European city, sharing their knowledge of and insights into urban dynamics in short, thought-provoking pieces. The authors—including the Mayor of Amsterdam, urban activists, civil servants and academics—cover a wide range of topical issues, inviting and encouraging us to rethink citizenship, connectivity, innovation, sustainability and representation as well as the role of cities in administrative and political networks.

Jürgen Kleft, Shellpunk

Textem, 2017 (co-translation)

In his work, Jürgen Kleft exaggerates the fetishization of functionality in outdoor apparel, for example by having
four ponchos make up a tent, or negates it completely, for instance with a delicate ceramic nude top with cut-outs
which is sexy in a non-fetishistic way. Whether it’s the functionality that is fetishized or there’s a sexual component to the worship, by embodying adventure and safety at the same time, outdoor clothing has come to be an object of general desire among young city dwellers.

Based in Vienna, Jürgen Kleft, a devoted student of nature, explores the secrets of equipment and planning, of improvisation and DIY. This exhibition catalog brings together and contextualizes Jürgen Kleft’s work.

Annemieke Klein, The Maastricht Experiment: About the Challenges of a Young University (1976-2016)

Vantilt Uitgeverij, 2016 (co-translator)

Published to commemorate Maastricht University’s forty-year anniversary, this meticulously researched book describes the university’s vanguard role in educational reform in the Netherlands.

Selected Shorter Texts

Dutch–English translation of an article by Dutch writer and illustrator Ted van Lieshout about the work of illustrator Sylvia Weve

for Bookbird: A Journal of International Children's Literature

Dutch–English translation of a contribution to Radical Outlet for the Xenomaniac in You

A limited-edition book about the legendary RoXY nightclub in Amsterdam (co-translation)

Dutch–English translation of reviews of art exhibitions in the Netherlands for ArtReview


Abstracting of German articles about art conservation for the Getty’s AATA Online database



Of the hundreds of language professionals I have worked with, Ms. Rault is the most gifted by far. I use her editing services regularly and she has always been extremely reliable. The work she has done for me has never been less than first rate. - Karen Drake

In awarding the top honors to Emma Rault, the jurors found much to praise in her translation (...) Rault’s entry displayed a fine use of language that conveyed the text’s complexity in a reader-friendly style. - Jury’s Statement, 2016–2017 Geisteswissenschaften International Nonfiction Translators Prize

Emma's translations excel in their unerring precision. She combines a professional approach with a really personable communication style. Our cooperation with Emma has clearly added value to our publication. - Jan Brand, ArtEZ Press

Emma has corrected and edited four of my short stories (…) It’s always difficult to entrust your work to a translator, even when you think you are fluent in their language, because you never are. But over time I have come to have that trust in Emma. The best compliment came form my former literary agent, Katrin Hodapp, whom I still rely on for vital advice. For the first time an established voice in the literary industry encouraged me to continue writing in English, rather than sticking to my mother tongue. Needless to say, it was Emma who made this possible. - Sophie van der Stap, author of The Girl with Nine Wigs