I offer English editing and proofreading services, specializing in academic texts, translations and copy written by non-native speakers. My clients have ranged from fellow translators to humanities scholars, authors, arts organizations, government organizations, NGOs and leading brands in the lifestyle, fashion and food & drink industries.

Bilingual Checking / Editing Translations

Are you looking for someone to polish your translation to perfection? Do you need help ironing out the final kinks in a translated text, or want to make sure there’s nothing in the source text that you’ve overlooked? I often work with fellow translators, improving their work stylistically and being a much-needed second pair of eyes that can spot things they might have missed.

Second Language Editing

I work with non-native speakers who find themselves needing to write in English, whether it be for business, in an academic context or as part of a creative project. I edit for correctness, consistency and register, and can offer suggestions as to the best way to make your text flow and your prose shine.

Academic Editing & Proofreading

I’ve worked with academics across a range of different disciplines—from media studies to literature, history, psychology, urban planning and art theory—editing everything from lectures, funding applications and essays to entire dissertations. I’ll help you to make your complicated, nuanced points in prose that is elegant, lucid and entertaining to read.


My rates range from $30 to $85 per hour, depending on the type of text and the kind of edit required. Get in touch and I am happy to give you a quote.

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