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Short Prose

In the Trap of the Language

Bernke Klein Zandvoort

Mister Motley, 2023

I look at a page in one of her diaries where, next to a boat with lots of wavy lines, it says fishingwithdad in the uneven scrawl of a child still just getting used to manifesting thoughts by pen, the words caked together the way you tend to experience things in childhood: as a single, uninterrupted stream.

We Had to Remove This Post (excerpt)

Hanna Bervoets

Granta, 2022

On the first day of training, a series of text-only posts appeared on our screens, and then, from day three, photos, videos, and livestreams. Each time, the question was: Is it okay to leave this up on the platform? And if not, why not?

Staying Isolde

Nina Polak

Asymptote, October 2020

‘The lobster is the martyr of our ethical primitivism,’ he tells me as he carefully scrubs mushrooms for his famous Quiche Borraine, ‘both our inability to empathise with other life forms and our stubborn tendency towards infidelity.’ I’m not sure if he knows that he’s really talking about my stubborn tendency towards infidelity (which, technically speaking, isn’t infidelity: we have clear agreements on the subject).

No Petting

Nina Polak

Hinterland Magazine, 24 August 2020

‘Never fall in love with a taken man,’ that German teacher slurred into my ear at a school dance (her lips black from the red wine, her eyes tired). I took her inappropriate advice to heart: I fell in love with a taken woman. A tigress, who prides herself on the fact that she is both wild and chained. Insufferable. Irresistible. A force of nature.

Ball Lightning

Rudolph Herzog

Literary Hub, October 2019

“Why are you drinking so much?” the daughter wants to know.
“Because the ghosts are back.”
“There are no ghosts.”
“Then call it the past.”

Blog posts

from Simone Atangana Bekono’s residency at the Crossing Border Festival in The Hague

The Chronicles, October 2019

In the restaurant where we went on to have dinner, I counted the opportunities for escape: via the patio out back and then over the low wall, or I could excuse myself to go to the restroom and slip out through the entrance. Nothing gives you peace of mind like having an escape plan.

Apostle of Jack, Arthur, John and Paul

Auke Hulst

Asymptote, January 2018

Many people meditate to attain a certain contemplative, emotional, or even transcendental state, but I’m too restless for that. I can think more clearly (feel more clearly?) if I’m doing something. I think with my hands—writing—and I think with my legs: traveling.

Visiting the Snow Queen

Sophie Strohmeier

Queen Mob's Tea House (part of their Queer Translation feature), October 2016

The heavy conference table with the leather chairs, the desk with the curved claw feet, the green desk lamp, the curtain, the bronze sculpture of a dancing woman. All this was hers. Every day she looked at all of these things, even if only in passing; she touched them often. All these lifeless things spoke to her each day and were brought to life by her presence, and now they spoke to me of her.

Sylvia Weve: The Perfection of Simplicity

for Bookbird: A Journal of International Children's Literature

An article by Dutch writer and illustrator Ted van Lieshout about the work of illustrator Sylvia Weve, originally a speech given when she was awarded the Max Velthuijs Prize for children’s book illustration.


Excerpt from “Pantyhose for Daisy” by Dewi de Nijs Bik

SAND Journal, November 2023 (forthcoming)

2 poems by Hans Lodeizen

Astra Magazine, autumn 2022

2 poems by Hilde Domin

Modern Poetry in Translation, autumn 2021

10 poems by Kurt De Boodt

Flanders Literature, October 2021

2 poems by Tom Van de Voorde

ANMLY, spring 2021

6 poems by Hilde Domin

no man's land, winter 2020

2 poems by Tom Van de Voorde

Verseville, December 2020

2 poems by Asha Karami

Versopolis, January 2020

‘The City Where I Was Born Is Vast’ and ‘Sprite Is Weak Coca Cola’

2 poems by Tom Van de Voorde

Action Books blog, May 2020

3 poems by Vicky Francken

Poetry International, May 2020

4 poems by Hilde Domin

New Books in German, April 2018


Space Traveler

Lukas Rietzschel

dtv, 2021

Desire Lines

Caro Van Thuyne

Koppernik, 2021

Six People in One Bed: The Future of Love

Roanne van Voorst

Podium, 2022

The Light Years

Jens Meijen

Bezige Bij, 2021

A Modern Desire

Hanna Bervoets

Uitgeverij Pluim, 2021

The Pear Song

Joost Oomen

Querido, 2021

I’m Going to Live

Lale Gül

Prometheus, 2021

The History of My Sexuality

Sofie Lakmaker

Das Mag, 2021

Around Four Weeks

Laura van der Haar

Podium, 2020

The Noble Autist

Romana Vrede

De Arbeiderspers, 2020

The Raccoon

Aleksandr Skorobogatov

De Geus, 2020

The Beast with the Strength of Ten Horses

Lida Dijkstra

Luitingh-Sijthoff, 2019

Flin, or the Lost Love of a Unicorn

Henry Lloyd

Querido, 2019

The Shape of Sound

Gregor Verwijmeren, Van Oorschot, 2019

Commissioned for the European First Novel Festival in Budapest, 23-26 April 2020

A Thousand Fathers

Nhung Dam, De Bezige Bij, 2017

Commissioned for the Deltaworkers residency in New Orleans, spring 2020

The Days of Bluegrass Love

Edward van de Vendel

Querido, 2015


Judith Fanto

Ambo|Anthos, 2020

The Ting

Artur Dziuk

dtv, 2019


Marc Reugebrink

Querido, 2019

The Pineapple

Lex Boon

Meulenhoff, 2019

Being Inconspicuous

Dirk Brauns

Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 2019

Our Father

Angela Lehner

Hanser, 2019

The Confession

Marianne Philips

Cossee, 2019

The Fall

Matthias M.R. Declercq, Manteau

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